Top 10 Songs from Best Of Jazz (Smooth, Acid & Classic)
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Parisian Cakewalk     (1:19) 
A light whimsical jazz piano and strings piece in the vein of Henry Mancini
After Rain     (2:30) 
Smooth laid-back neo-soul jazz groove with a light piano
Boiled Sun     (2:08) 
A laid back acid jazzy track with a funky groove for the London party scenester in you. Very trippy and cool.
City At Night     (2:37) 
Atmospheric, retro, swinging jazz -Steady walking bass line & swinging drum beat joined by guitar. Underscore version available. Just ask us!
Downside Up     (1:31) 
Quirky and laid back jazz in the style of movies like Sideways and Oceans 11. Features upright bass, vibes, muted trumpet, mandola, piano and urban percussion. Underscore version available. Just ask us!
Midnight Grind     (4:33) 
Groove heavy laid-back jazz guitar and piano track. Feat. jazz guitar
Walk The Walk     (1:56) 
JAZZ, smooth, PERCUSSION, BRASS, horns, MOOD, sexy, SFX, hits,
A Crazing Maze     (1:14)  [V]
Get yo groove on and check out the upbeat "Space Age Bachelor Pad" vibe of this cool track. Musical phrases make it work at :30 and :60. Version without vocal available. Just ask Us!
Acidic     (1:01) 
Cool acid jazz in the style of Zero 7. Featuring muted trumpet solo.
Banjazz     (1:11) 
Django style jazz performed on a banjo with acoustic bass and jazz drums. Happy and upbeat in the style of shows like Arrested Development.
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