Top 10 Songs from Best Of Dance (80's & 90's)
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Pin Up     (1:00) 
Dance, industrial, catwalk, fashion, techno, celebrity, modeling
In Access     (1:06) 
INXS vs. B52's vs. DeLite. Dance, upbeat, happy
Starting Over     (1:14) 
Kylie Minogue, 80's, Erasure, dance, pop, party, happy, runway, shopping, fashion
80's Game Show     (1:04) 
This is what it would sound like if Miami Sound Machine was hired to play an 80's game show theme. Features horn section, bass, drums, sound fx and cheesy guitar solo.
A La Mode     (1:11) 
Fast, upbeat, dance party, cat walk, high fashion, vogue, happy, celebrity
Anticipation     (1:03) 
Funky, disco, George Michael, fashion, glamour, vogue, runway, models, celebrity
Diversion     (0:57) 
Electronica, fast, techno, high tech, video game, pride, moving forward, getting ahead
Don't Stop     (1:07) 
High energy dance track with guitar
Dream Dance     (1:12) 
Ambient, Dance, Electronica, party, glamour, runway, catwalk, fashion, vogue
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