Top 10 Songs from Best Of Rock (Fun, Young & Energetic)
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Absolute     (2:12) 
Propulsive & effervescent guitar riffs supported by a solid rhythm section lead to an evocative & luscious acoustic guitar,choir and string break-out.
Automatic     (1:13) 
Uptempo Alt. rock track. Foo Fighters meets Power Pop.
Bring It     (1:29) 
Punk-Pop track, fun, party, sports, WB, Disney, energy, skateboards
Fabulous     (1:42) 
Fun and grooving pop rock ala the Beatles meets modern day production. Features Rickenbacker 12 string, vibrato guitars, bass, drums, strings, loops, and scratches.
Go!     (1:20) 
Upbeat, fun modern/retro rock track in the style of Jet
Nightstroke     (2:33) 
Bouncy, uplifting, grooving indie gtr pop in New York ala The Strokes
Reminiscing Again     (3:51) 
Upbeat Pop/Rock ala with a tinge of Americana
Spirit of Adventure     (2:09) 
A raw and adventurous rock track, with claps, a catchy groove and raw electric guitars. Versions with No Claps and No Lead available on
Step On Up     (2:15) 
Rock - Guitar, Electric, Distorted, Percussion, Kit, Rock, Punk, Alternative, Pop, Piano, Positive, Upbeat, Lively, Festive, Fun.
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