Top 10 Songs from Best Of Groove (Hip & Funky)
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After Hours     (1:16) 
Laid back hip/jazzy groove with a 70's retro sound
Another Ocean     (1:05)  [V]
Groovy bass driven instrumental in the style of David Holmes (Ocean 11). Features bass, drums/perc, horns, and synth.
Big Heist     (1:05) 
Acoustic bass/electronica driven instrumental reminiscent of Ocean Eleven and Guy Ritchie style films
Bright Smiles     (1:04) 
Happy go lucky instrumental with a funk groove.
Deal It Out     (1:32) 
Ocean Eleven, funky bass line with hip groove
Funky Slim     (2:03) 
Upbeat, Fun ala Fatboy Slim, Gorillaz
Going Crazy     (1:01) 
Retro electronic funk a la Fatboy Slim
Hoptown     (3:18) 
Jazzy bass line with groove
Caught Speeding     (1:07) 
Funky and quirky track in the style of Ocean's 11 with a touch of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Features bass, drums, guitars, and keys.
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